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You Can't Live a 100% Soul-Driven Life

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Nor should you. What??!!!

Let me explain...

The other day I was scrolling through IG and someone I follow had posted a meme that said something like - do the things that feed your soul and throw away the rest.

Great sentiment, right? It was meant to inspire people, but all it did was get my Irish up. In other words, it ticked me off!

You see, I really dislike the memes that say things like that. And that's saying a lot since I'm all about leading a soul-driven life. So much so, that I built my business around it.

Then, why would I dislike something that seems totally in line with what I practice and preach?

Because, it is pretty much impossible to live a soul-driven life all of the time, and you can't toss out everything that doesn't fit the bill.

The fact is you will be required to do things that don't necessarily fill your soul. That's part of life and being a mature adult. There are obligations we have to commit to, soul-filling or not.

Now, that doesn't mean, if you're in a soul-sucking situation, you have to stay there. For example, if you're in a job you hate, you can search for a new job that's more aligned. It does means, you shouldn't just toss something aside, willy-nilly, just because it doesn't match your soul desires, without understanding the potential consequences.

The other reason I don't like those types of memes is because they make it sound like it's an all or nothing kind of thing, like if you aren't doing only the things you love, you're missing out or failing.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

You don't have to lead a soul-driven life all of the time. In fact, like I said earlier, it's almost impossible. It's going to fluctuate because, hello, if you're an adult, you're going to have things that get in the way sometimes. Some days you might be living 100% from your soul, and the next only 20%. And guess what? That's okay!

Now, obviously, you want to be leading a soul-driven life, at a higher percentage, most of the time. I mean, that's what is going to make us feel the most whole, empowered, and at peace, which is key to our happiness and satisfaction. But, it's perfectly okay, when that doesn't happen.

You just want to make sure you take actions to correct the situation when time and obligations allow. We can't always be functioning at the lower end of the spectrum or it will just lead to stress and frustration. And there's nothing fulfilling about that!

I know, because I've been immersed in a low period for a bit now while taking care of my in-laws. It's been difficult, if not downright impossible, to fit in leading a soul-driven life most of the time. So, instead, I fit in little things - reading, resting, doing something creative - and I let that be enough for now because I know my decision to help them needs to take precedence.

And that's another reason I dislike those types of memes. Because, if you're only doing what satisfies your soul, then how are you making an impact on others?

Now, I can argue that, leading a soul-driven life can guide others to do the same. After all, that IS the premise behind my business. But, not all work, in service of others, feels soul-driven at first. Sometimes, it feels inconvenient, hard, thankless, an obligation. Yet, it can have a profound effect on those people which, eventually, has a profound effect on you. And isn't that really what our souls are here to do anyway?

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