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Why Do You Avoid Your Dreams?

Dreams are beautiful things. They reflect our desires. They give us hope.

And yet, many of us leave them in the realm of the ethereal. Something precious to be held in our thoughts but never manifested in reality. Like unicorns, they are magical, but unseen, entities.

So, why do you avoid your dreams?

I mean I know you're excited when you think about them, right?

Your heart races and your body gets all fired up. You feel positively giddy about realizing your desires. You can just imagine how your life will look. Even thinking about them is like imbibing in the sweet nectar of the Gods. Deliciously decadent and incredibly intoxicating.

But, if someone asked you take the first step toward your dream, what would happen?

If you're like most people, you come to a screeching halt, even if that first step is just voicing your desire. Cue the smoking tires and squealing brakes....

Woman struggling with fear


Because that first step brings up all your conditioning and fears.

They begin to bubble out of your pores like sweat on a hot summer day.

Your mind explodes with all the reasons you can't have the thing you want.

You're too busy. There's not enough money. You're not capable. You don't deserve it. The list goes on...

And on...

And on...

Until you end up locked there, paralyzed by the thoughts circling around in your head, like a hamster in a wheel, endlessly moving but not actually getting anywhere.

You never take that first step or any of the ones that follow. You talk yourself out of pursuing your dream. You let it stay in the ether.

And I get it, because that used to be me too.

Hell, sometimes it still is.

I can get caught up in my own conditioning and fears. The ones that tell me I'm too much. I'll rock the boat. Or, as my mother would say, being too big for my damn britches.

I KNOW I'm capable of anything I put my mind to, but there's still a niggling little fear that I'll be misunderstood and, even abandoned, for doing it. (Typical Manifestor conditioning BTW)

But, here's what I've learned.

Those dreams you have?

You have them for a reason.

The Universe doesn't give you dreams UNLESS you are meant to realize them.

The problem is someone, somewhere, made you feel otherwise and that's what you need to shift.

This conditioning is especially prevalent in women and has been occurring for a long time, centuries even.

I call it The Pandora Effect and I'm working on a course all about it. You can pre-register for the individual course, which will drop in April, (just click the image below) or get it free when you join the Mini Movement Magic Membership.

A peek at what's included in The Pandora Effect course

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