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Animal Speak - A wonderful guide on the meaning of a variety of animals. It also offers suggestions for identifying your totem animals and other exercises to work with the animal kingdom.

Nature Speak - Another guide this time on the meaning of various flora and how to work with them.

The Book of Stones - A fabulous guide on crystals and their properties. 

Modern Essentials - A great guide on essential oils and their uses.

Women Who Run With Wolves - A fabulous book by Clara Pinkola Estes on being a wild woman.

Grimoire for the Green Witch -  A guide to the use of herbs and plants, and their many uses in witchcraft.

The Desire Factor - An in-depth and refreshing take on manifestation and the law of attraction by Christy Whitman.

Crack Your Good Girl Code: Secrets to Reclaiming Your Feminine Power - A great book about how women get conditioned away from their power by my personal friend, Joy Balma.

Websites - Did you know your DNA can carry the emotional baggage of your ancestors? My friend Dr. Charan Surdhar is an expert in gene expression and epigenetics. Her GeneOM programs are all about clearing out ancestral memories and owning your unique DNA. I've personally experienced Charan's skill and it is empowering. - This is an online crystal shop I love. Melodie Janzen is an Advanced Crystal Master and her stones are top quality. She intuitively selects stones from her inventory for each purchaser. - Use this shop for all things witchy. I love Morgan's witchy planners and her Goddess boxes. She also sells crystals, candles, and jewelry.

https://www, - This is a great site for learning about your unique Human Design. It has both free and paid options available. I love HD and highly recommend it to everyone. The insights you gain about yourself are incredible! - Another great site for learning about your Human Design. Plus, they have a fantastic app with all kinds of cool information to help you learn more about you and your soul purpose. - This is where I check out my daily and weekly horoscopes. You can also get natal charts and other items at this site. - If you want to understand your soul blueprint, this is the site. Ariella provides detailed information on your reason for incarnating in this life. I found mine explained some of the situations I have encountered on this soul journey, and gave me direction on how to expand.

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