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Here I am in my garden with a basketful of various peppers. Not a bad early October yield.
My dresser. You can see a few of my crystals. The china cup holds earrings.
Here's me and my hubby, Lance, on one of our adventures. This time was dinner at a cool place in Staunton, VA.

you have faith, smile often, and get a good night's sleep. Oh, and a favorite pair of jeans doesn't hurt either...

Look, I could sit here and tell you my curriculum vitae, but the truth is, most of it doesn't matter because the truly important lessons come from life. That said, I do have a certification in life coaching and over 30 years of training experience under my belt. I also hold a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice/Forensics, which I accomplished in my 40s, mostly because I'm a science geek. (Oh yeah, and I'm a witchy woman. Yes, you can be both.)

Now, when it comes to life lessons, those I have in spades. But, what I've come to realize is, many of them occurred because I wasn't being true to myself. When you lose everything you've known, you end up doing a lot of soul-searching. I mean a lot! And what I learned is the Universe has plans for you, and if you aren't heading in the right direction, it will nudge (or in my case, shove) you where you're supposed to go. You, my friend, were designed for a purpose. There's a reason for the way you think, the things you love, but too often people ignore them. At an early age, we get exposed to other's opinions on how we should behave. Our parents and teachers influence how we see ourselves. We start to believe others know better than we do. Our intuition, which is designed to keep us on our soul's path, gets overthrown by logic, false beliefs, and outside pressure. It's why so many of us feel apathetic, unfulfilled, and stressed out in our lives.

What I've learned is it's impossible to be happy and satisfied when you're trying to please others and not living from your soul. The problem is, if you're like I was, you've forgotten who that person is. Your identity is buried beneath layers of other people's expectations, influences, and beliefs.


If you want to lead a soul-driven life where you feel whole, empowered, and at peace, you're going to have to start exploring who you were before all of the BS happened. It's time to discover you.

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