Here I am in my garden with a basketful of various peppers. Not a bad early October yield.
My dresser. You can see a few of my crystals. The china cup holds earrings.
Here's me and my hubby, Lance, on one of our adventures. This time was dinner at a cool place in Staunton, VA.

I act as a bridge between women and Spirit utilizing education, coaching, energy healing, and intuitive readings to help them reconnect with their soul voice. I am a certified Life Coach and am currently enrolled in an NLP certification program as well. I'm also Reiki I and II attuned, but typically utilize my own energy gifts. I've spent the last 15+ years learning about crystals, herbal medicine, animal symbols, essential oils, psychic abilities, and any other thing that made my soul sing.  And I keep learning.

I have 30+ years of leadership, mentoring, and training others under my belt. However, my real curriculum vitae comes from the school of hard knocks. It comes from the struggles I've been through, whether personal or work-related. Many of these I would not wish on my worst enemy. Let's just say, I am well-versed in dealing with loss and overcoming obstacles. Consider me the Queen of Comebacks.


Now, I don't regret these experiences, although there are a few I wish I had skipped. They taught me courage and resilience. I learned just how capable I really was and how to stretch and grow. And I discovered hope, faith, and optimism are not tied to our circumstances. They're found inside us. So, when I had to start completely over in my mid 40's, I decided to be true to myself. Still, it took a different kind of experience before I fully accepted my unique talents.


My life took an amazing turn when this happened and I began living even more authentically. Suddenly, I was more in flow. I attracted people who accepted my gifts. My life became less stressful and more fulfilling. I met and married an amazing man who proudly tells people I can sense spirits or consider myself a witch. He eagerly embraces my unique magic and it's amazing! And I want that for you.

I created Sensitive Women Rock! after receiving a rather intense message from Spirit that I needed to do more heart-centered work. (If you sign up for my email list, you'll learn more about all of these events.)  Here, you'll find space to shed your limiting beliefs, reconnect with your gifts, and become more authentically YOU. It's a place where you can feel loved and protected. I even picked the colors for the website with that in mind - purple like amethyst for protection and spiritual growth, and pink like rose quartz for love and acceptance. (Besides, they're 2 of my favorite crystals and I have quite the collection.) 


I promise to be completely authentic. This is a no filters, no Photoshop, no judgement zone. In return, I ask only that you come with an open mind, an eager attitude, a willingness to share, and a kind heart.

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