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Take a peek at the Sensitive Women Rock altar
Check out my dresser and crystals. The china cup holds earrings.
Camping is one way Pam Cardaro, of Sensitive Women Rock, relaxes.
Check out my silly mug, courtesy of my feline family
Pam Cardaro and her husband, Lance, enjoying a night out

I believe you can accomplish anything if you have faith, smile often, and get a good night's sleep. Oh, and a little magic doesn't hurt either...

Look, I could sit here and tell you my curriculum vitae, but the truth is, most of it doesn't matter because the truly important lessons come from life. That said, I do have a certification in life coaching and over 30 years of training experience under my belt. 

Now, when it comes to life lessons, those I have in spades.


I always felt like an outsider, even with my own family. I tamed myself to fit in because I irritated my parents and embarrassed my siblings. I did the same with my husband. (You'll hear more about that when you join my email list)


And, while everyone else was happy, I felt an aching longing, as if something was missing in my life. I also suffered from migraine headaches, IBS, panic attacks, and other stress-related issues.

Then the unthinkable happened, my husband died suddenly. So, did my mom. I lost 3 jobs and then my house. I ended up unemployed, broke, and homeless. I had to completely start over from scratch, but I was terrified. I had no idea where to begin or what I wanted from life.


I had lost touch with my true self.

So, I did a lot of inner exploration and outer experimenting to learn what I liked and wanted. I began creating a life from my soul and the results were AMAZING!


  • My confidence increased.

  • I created strong boundaries.

  • My stress-related health issues decreased dramatically.

  • I felt whole.

  • And, I decided to like what I liked and be who I wanted to be, no matter what others thought. 


I lost some family and friends, those who weren't aligned with the person I was becoming, but I gained others. I ended up marrying a man who embraces me without reservation, even the parts he doesn't always understand.

And you can too!


If you want to lead a soul-driven life where you feel whole, empowered, and at peace, you're going to have to start exploring who you were before others started influencing you.


That's where I come in. Part of my magic is my ability to see the 3 Ps: perspectives, potentials, and possibilities. Let me show you yours...


It's time to unleash your inner sorceress and rediscover the real you.


If you're ready to get started, check out Mini Movement Magic, where you get to connect with your soul your way.

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