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Understanding Your Inner Sorceress

Updated: May 29, 2023

One of the things I say a lot is "Unleash your inner sorceress to create a life where you feel whole, empowered, and at peace", but what does that actually mean?

Let's break it down...

Your inner sorceress is the powerful, creative woman inside you.

Female with owl in the woods

She longs to be let out because she knows she is the key to your success and happiness. She is your highest self. Your intuition. Your soul. This beautiful and magical creature knows your true talents and wants you to use them. She is your connection to the Divine, the source by which you can manifest a life that you truly love. Your inner sorceress doesn't care what others think, she knows who she is, and is willing to go after what she wants in life.

Unfortunately, this incredible being often gets buried as we grow up. We get conditioned away from her, but she never goes away. She is the dreams you still dream but don't act on. She is the desires and talents you've chosen to ignore. Your inner sorceress is the impetus you need to propel you forward into new perspectives, potentials, and possibilities. She is the creative source through which you can create a beautiful and satisfying life.

Being whole means not hiding pieces of yourself

Proud woman wearing a crown

It means being authentic to who you are and what you want. You accept that you are perfectly imperfect. You're comfortable in your own skin. You embrace both the light and dark aspects of yourself - your beauty and your perceived flaws. You know they are part and parcel to the whole package that makes you unique, because Source created you this way for a reason.

However, too often, we tamp down our true self in order to fit into someone else's or society's expectations. Our authenticity gets buried beneath public opinion. We get conditioned away from our inner sorceress and into limiting beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of doing or being. We create our own barriers to success by not utilizing the innate talents we are born with. We start to feel dissatisfied because we aren't being ourselves, and our desires aren't being met.

Being empowered means standing up for yourself

Woman indicating stop

It's about respecting yourself enough to create boundaries around your time and energy. You don't allow others to pressure you into doing something that doesn't feel right to you. It's about having confidence - in yourself, in your abilities, in what you are capable of achieving. You don't limit yourself based on others' opinions. You stand, loud and proud, in your authenticity. Fear still exists, but you know you're capable of getting past it. You don't let it hold you back from doing something you desire.

The problem is too many women have been taught to put others first, to behave, to comply. We've been told we need to be good girls, and we internally begin to fear, if we rock the boat, we won't be loved. This leads to women shrinking themselves and putting themselves beneath others. We start to defer to other's opinions and, even, allow others to make decisions for us. We begin to lose trust in ourselves and our abilities. And, it's not our fault. We come to believe these types of behaviors are expected of us.

Being at peace is about knowing what's best for you and honoring it

When you aren't being authentic, when your desires aren't met, and when you don't stand up for yourself, it's impossible to find peace. Instead, you're going to feel stressed out, frustrated, angry, depressed, and a whole slew of other not so positive emotions. If you're taking care of everyone else, instead of yourself, you're going to wear yourself down - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Life is going to always feel like a struggle because you're out of sync. You're not in alignment with your soul and its purpose on Earth.

Peaceful pond with lotus flower

Being at peace doesn't mean there won't be any stress or upheaval in your life. It just means that you will be able to tap into the underlying message of such things, so you can come back to a state of peace and grace. It's about knowing what peace means to you and working to find it. It's about treating yourself like the amazing person you are by practicing quality self-care, being open to your desires, and managing your energy.

When you start to tap into your inner sorceress, you unleash your ability to create a life where you feel whole, empowered, and at peace.

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