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Mindset Matters

Updated: May 29, 2023

Mindset matters. Attitude is everything.

Especially, when you're struggling...

Albert Einstein quote about energy

One of the things I've learned is that our thoughts create our reality. This is something even the esteemed physicist, Albert Einstein, believed.

You have to understand that what you think you attract. So, if you THINK you're struggling, you CREATE an energy of struggle that affects your body and ATTRACTS more struggle.

It's not fantasy. It's physics. Your mindset matters.

So, you need to get your optimism going...

Now, I get it. This is much easier said than done. But, I want you to know I'm not just spouting off some BS rhetoric. This is something I've done and I've seen the difference it makes.

When I was in my mid-40s, my husband died suddenly. Our only child moved to the Midwest shortly after. I struggled to work, keep up a house with 2 acres of land. I became depressed and lonely, so I jumped into another relationship with disastrous results.

I was having health issues that caused me to lose my job. (I would later learn I had Celiac Disease and the comfort food I was eating was causing the problem.) My next job closed without notice, we arrived to work to find the doors locked and sign that said closed until further notice. There was no warning. Then, I got fired from a third job for taking time off for my mother's funeral.

I was offered a fourth job working with a friend, but by that point, I was so beaten down and terrified, it took me a month to put in my application. My husband and I had set up our home insurance to cover my death, as I had been the primary breadwinner at that time, but I wasn't any longer. His death was not covered, so absolutely nothing got paid off. And more than 60% of our income was gone.

I managed for a little while on his life insurance, but his hospital bills and paying off cars, so I could sell them, ate through it quickly. Soon, I wasn't able to pay the mortgage and was on the brink of bankruptcy. Then, the bank decided to auction my house out from under me.

At that point, I was eating a single meal a day and had sold off anything I could, including my wedding rings and furniture, to keep the power on.

This all happened in an 18 month period.

I had plenty of reasons to give up. But, I didn't. I changed my mindset.....

💪 I kept going and pushing forward.

💫 I kept believing there was a way out of the situation and something more out there for me.

😭 Oh, I had days where I broke down and f*cking sobbed my eyes out, but...

😇 I did my best to stay optimistic and I had faith that this would all pass.

And it did...

That same friend, who got me a job, found a real estate agent to take on my house and sell it before the bank could auction it off.

My family stepped in to offer me a place to stay, and my new co-workers arrived at my house to help me move out.

I won $500 on a scratch off lottery ticket and a teddy bear in a raffle when I donated blood.

The more faith and positivity I had, the more things the Universe sent to lift me up.

So, don't give up if you're struggling...

🌞 Look for the bright side.

🚧 Recognize most things are only a blip in your life, a bump in the road, and you can get to the other side.

👩‍🏫 See it as a learning experience.

That's what mine was and it was the impetus that sent me down the path of discovering my inner sorceress and leading a soul-driven life. (That brought in a whole-nother level of energetic alignment and blessings to my life, including new love.)

And, if you falter, know that it's okay. I'll have your back and will be here to lift you up, if you need it. Just like others did for me...

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