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You Need to Rock Your Gifts - Here's Why

Updated: May 30, 2023

The stress of hiding our gifts can cause mental and physical issues, but did you know there are other issues it creates? Let's talk about how it can adversely affect other areas of your life and why they're important.

You struggle with boundaries.

Do you have a hard time saying no to people? Do you often go out of your way to make sure someone else is happy even if it's uncomfortable for you? Do you find yourself resentful of others who seem to take more from you than they give back?

It's okay. I was that way once too.

When I was a child I was quite different. I was content to be by myself. I saw and heard things others didn't. I knew things I never learned and had never seen. And it freaked my parents out! So, I began ignoring the things they didn't like or understand, and I started doing what they wanted me to do. And what happened? I became an anxious mess of a people pleaser. I had difficulty making my own decisions with loved ones because I was afraid they would disagree with me. I let them drive my path. My boundaries weren't just loose with my family, they were practically non-existent! On the other hand, I was overly independent with everyone else. I masked my sensitivities beneath a shell of strength, optimism, and attitude. And I felt the need for control that I didn't have in my close relationships. This had a tendency to alienate a lot of people, and I found most of my friendships were more surface than substance.

Sound familiar?

Your relationships are lacking and you feel unfulfilled.

Does it seem like you keep attracting the wrong romantic partnerships? Or maybe your struggling in your current one? Do you feel like your partners just have never understood you?

Well they don't!

Why? Because you're not being authentic. You've created a persona based on your past experiences and the fears they generated. You've lived your life as this individual, but this individual is not you. It's not your soul as Spirit created it. It's a mask you wear.

That mask has energy which it gives off. And that energy attracts people and things to you. But these people and things don't match up with what your soul wants. This leaves you feeling unfulfilled. As Gustavo Razzetti states in his article How to Be Authentic in A Fake World, "Masks are tricky: they hide your identity but not your true-self."

You're out of sync with Spirit

If you're not living the way Spirit created you, you're going to be out of sync. This takes you out of the flow which means you struggle more. Spirit starts giving you lessons to get you back on the correct path. The more you ignore Spirit's efforts, the harder the lessons become. Your efforts get blocked. Spirit creates slow downs hoping you'll pay attention to the signals you're being sent. Continue to ignore them. Continue to get lessons and have issues.

Do you know what happens when you're authentically you?

You get in the flow. More opportunities arise. You manifest more. As you get comfortable in your own skin, you care less about what others think and more about doing and being what feels right for you. You start attracting the right people. You feel less anxious and stressed. You learn how to handle your gifts instead of hiding from them. Life becomes so much juicier and satisfying. Spirit starts rewarding you instead of just giving you lessons because you're being who you were designed to be. And it all feels absolutely amazing!

So what's keeping you from embracing your sensitive side?

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