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Soul Purpose Not Required

Updated: Mar 7

(Try a Soul Driven Life Instead)

There is a lot being published in spiritual circles right now about recognizing your soul purpose. It seems more and more people are searching for meaning in their lives. And there are all sorts of ways designed to help you discover what your were destined to do with your time on earth. However, while I think many of them provide valuable information, I still want to call BS on finding your life purpose.

Not because these methods don't work, but because I don't think finding your soul purpose is what you really need.

Let me explain...

You soul purpose is, in a nutshell, the reason you manifested on earth. It's the work your soul was designed to do in this world. It is also a choice. You know, free will and all that. So, just because you have a soul purpose doesn't mean you need to actually fulfill it in this lifetime or ever. You get to choose.

Additionally, most of the time the results of these methods are so vague you don't truly feel as if you've gotten a satisfactory answer. Now, that is often due to our expectations, but they still seem lacking in direction. I know because I've tried them. Good information, very insightful in a lot of cases, but it didn't really get me anywhere.

What I propose instead is living a soul driven life. Why? Because it will inherently take you in the direction of your soul purpose, whether or not you know what that purpose is. That's how Spirit designed you.

So, what is a soul driven life?

A soul driven life is one based on authenticity. It's embracing who you are at your very core. The person you were meant to be before others started telling who you should be or were supposed to be. The individual Spirit designed you to be with all your perfectly unique attributes. You are one of a kind. No one else can be you. And you shouldn't be like anyone else.

But instead we whitewash our uniqueness. Or we stand so far into it, it becomes an armor. Either way, we react to others perceptions about us instead of holding firm in our Spirit-given design.

I've talked about this before. Many women hide their true identities behind the masks they create when they try to fit in with others' expectations (or in spite of them). I know I did, but I've learned it's also not our fault.

Our sensitivity to other people's energy makes us more susceptible to the conditioning that occurs in our daily lives. And that conditioning is pervasive. It begins in childhood where we learn from our parents what is and isn't acceptable behavior. Some of this information is for our own safety, but much of it is an extension of our parents' beliefs, and beliefs are not facts!

This conditioning continues as we move through school with the added expectations of teachers and the desire to fit in with our peers. We encounter it in work, with significant others, with society. There is always someone telling us how to act, how to look, and what to believe. ALWAYS! Most women take one of two routes - either we bend to others' wishes and compromise ourselves, or we uncompromisingly refuse to bend, go overboard in our behavior, and hold ourselves separate. Either way, we're the ones who lose in the long run.

Living a soul driven life means ignoring all that extraneous noise.

Facts are facts. Beliefs, eh, not so much. They're usually shaped through a cockeyed lens built from bias, perception, and, sometimes, the barest of knowledge. So, what do you do?

First, recognize that not everything you know, or think you know, about yourself is accurate. You have to start separating fact from fiction. How?