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Unleashing Your Inner Sorceress: 4 Tips to Creating a Soul-Driven Life

Updated: Feb 14

Woman wearing a sun hat
Me, enjoying my boho side

When it comes to creating a soul-driven life and unleashing your inner sorceress, there are lots of ways to go about it. It's all about learning who you are at a soul level, but, as you are a multi-faceted being, this can sometimes be challenging.

One way to connect with your soul is by understanding what you lights you up and gets you excited, versus what leaves you feeling only lukewarm or is a complete turn off.

This is what I did when I was trying to figure out where to head after losing everything. I had no clue what I liked or didn't like because...

  1. I had been so wrapped up in my family and job and...

  2. I grew up learning that conforming = love, so I ended up a people pleaser. (Apparently, this is often the case for HD Manifestors when they're children.)

If you've lost touch with your dreams and desires, no longer remember what you find fun, or are just ready to get out and try new things, this is a great place to start.

Here are 4 tips to creating a soul-driven life...


First, start paying attention to how things make you FEEL when they pop up on your radar.

What catches your attention? What lights you up and gets your juices flowing? What makes you feel meh? Are you drawn to particular categories or types of things, but left cold by others?

How you feel about something is a signal as to whether it's aligned with your soul or not. Forget logic. That's something you've been taught and it won't necessarily be a match for your soul's desires.

Paying attention to what your emotions, or body, says is a much more accurate indication if something is making your soul giddy or causing it to say ugh. Whether it's an activity, a person, or something else, take note of how it makes you feel, even if it defies logic, and go from there.


Next, try out the things that feel good.

Just because something lights you up when you think about it, doesn't mean it will do the same when you actually experience it. Test the waters. Does the reality stand up to what you first felt? Are you still lit up as you go through the process?

Think of it like buying a car. You start off picking one out because you like how it looks. You want certain options. And then you take it for a test drive. Maybe, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles you want. Or it doesn't drive the way you thought it would. It doesn't meet the expectations you held when you first chose it, so now you have another choice - settle or look at a different one. Don't SETTLE!

There's nothing wrong with you if your opinion, or enthusiasm, changes. It just means you may enjoy experiencing it at a different level.

For example, some people like to look at art, but that doesn't mean they get excited about creating it.

Or in the car scenario, you can like the looks of it, but not how it drives.

It's important to understand if your interest shifts based on different variables.

Let's take that even one step further...

Perhaps being around a certain type of person lights you up. You enjoy the interaction with this person, so you join a group of like-minded individuals. However, when you participate in the group, it no longer feels good. Instead, it feels downright uncomfortable.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't interact with that type of person. I mean you already found it satisfying.

It may just mean that you like one on one interactions better than large groups. Consider it one more variable and experiment with it to determine what feels the best to YOU.


Now, keep what feels good and do more of those things.

Start parsing things into feel good, feels so-so, and feels like getting your teeth pulled. If you want to lead a soul-driven life, you need to do more of the first category and try to eliminate as many of the ones that make you cringe as possible.

Your satisfaction in life is going to come from the things that light up your soul. It's how you were designed.

So, obviously, the more time you spend doing those things, the happier you'll be. Now, we all know that life doesn't always work that way and you're going to be tasked with doing things that just don't float your boat. That's life, but...

The idea is to eliminate or, at least limit, as much of the stuff you don't love as possible. Just keep in mind that the Universe/Spirit/God will often give us tasks that don't necessarily rock our boats, but are designed to teach us something.

If it's something that has popped up on it's own and you've not sought it out, there's probably a lesson of some sort involved, or you're making logical choices and Spirit is trying to steer you back into alignment.


Finally, look for other things that are similar to the things that lit you up.

If you find something satisfying, it's a good bet that you'll find similar things to be the same way. So, consider if what you're enjoying can be categorized or grouped with other things.

For example, I've always had an interest in nature. I can identify most of the animals and birds where I live. I can do the same with a lot of plants. That led me into learning about nature-based religions. From there, I learned about animal totems and crystals, working with the elements, and herbalism. I tried things out and kept what made me happy and felt good.

Now, not everything that is similar is going to be a good fit. Nor, does being good at something mean it's for you. There are a lot of people who learn to be good at their jobs, but they don't love them.

However, patterns are going to start to emerge. These will give you an idea of, not only what feeds your soul, but will hint at your soul purpose.

P.S. I've created a 30 day soul-full journal called Nightly Notes to help you track what you discover as you utilize these 4 tips. Take the next step and purchase it HERE.

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