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Casting the Light Inward

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Why now is the perfect time for introspection.

As the days grow shorter, nature recedes from the vibrancy of Spring and Summer. The fields lie fallow. Crops not harvested before the first hard frost lay withering, brown husks against the hardened soil. Other plants that flourished have also shriveled up and appear dead. Animals disappear to hibernate, or seek shelter, in a warm and safe environment to survive the inclement weather.

Ahhh, but beneath the surface, there is an abundance of activity taking place. The plant's roots are preparing for the next growing season, hording nutrients in preparation for renewed growth. The animals put on weight to help survive the winter weather. They need to be healthy and strong when it's time to birth their young.

So, even though it appears most of nature is in a sort of winter stasis, there is still a lot of inner work going on. And we should be doing the same thing.

Following the seasons is one of the hallmarks of nature-based spirituality. However, the ebbs and flows guide our lives no matter what religion we follow (or don't). Even if you live in a place where the change of season is minimal, the earth still goes through a similar pattern. Now is the time to search inside yourself, to look at your life and prepare for the next growing season.

Here are some ways to cast your light inward...

  • Reflect on the year that's passed.

    • Where did you spend your time?

    • How fulfilling was it?

    • What obstacles or issues did you encounter?

    • How did you handle them?

    • Are you content with the outcome?

    • What did you learn about yourself?

    • What went well and what didn't?

  • Ponder the new year.

    • What would you like to accomplish?

    • What changes would you like to institute in your life?

    • What would you like to learn?

    • How would you like to feel?

    • How do you want to be seen by others?

  • Take stock of your well-being

    • What's the status of your physical, emotional, and mental health?

    • Where can you improve?

    • What actions can you take now?

    • What actions do you need to take to ensure your success if you implement changes?

  • Review what's holding you back from your best life

    • Do you know what you really want?

    • What types of limiting beliefs do you carry?

    • How are you sabotaging your efforts to improve or change your life?

    • Are you paying attention to your intuition?

    • Are you following your heart's desires?

These are all great questions to ask ourselves before the New Year. It's time to delve deep into the roots of our lives and take stock. We need to dig up the things that are holding us back so, we can do something about them going forward. Let's shed off the limiting beliefs and attitudes that leave us feeling powerless. Now, now is the time to turn our light inward, illuminate the dark spaces in our lives, and prepare ourselves to let our beautiful souls shine through in the upcoming year.

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