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Surviving the Holidays

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The holidays are almost upon us, and while most of us look forward to feasts and family, this can be a trying time for Sensitive Women. Energy tends to be particularly emotional and chaotic at this time. People bounce around frantically shopping for the perfect gift or trying to grab a Black Friday deal. Their anxiety is heightened by family members arriving and the concern they will somehow be found lacking. How many of you ladies have had a "well-meaning" relative remind you that you're not getting any younger? Or maybe, you've had an older relative tell you you're not making [insert whatever] correctly? It seems like no matter what we are doing, someone is judging us.

For this reason, we need to shore up our emotional and physical defenses. It all starts with self-care. Here are some suggestions...

  • Set aside quiet time to recuperate and relax - Sensitive Women tend to feel the frenzied energy associated with the holiday season more than others. It's imperative to make time for yourself to recharge your batteries which can easily get overloaded with all of the activities at this time of year. Set time aside to meditate. Get out in nature. Take a bath. Anything you find relaxing and helps you balance your energy.

  • Protect your energy from over-stimulation - Crowds, family, and activities can all create situations where Sensitive Women feel overwhelmed so it's important to take action to protect yourself. Consider shopping on-line to avoid the holiday frenzy. Don't try to do it all. Pick activities that have a special meaning to you and let other things slide. Shield your energy when you're going to be in a situation where over-stimulation could be an issue.

  • Avoid taking criticism personally - This is something Sensitive Women should always do. You've probably heard the saying "opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one", right? Just because someone gives their opinion, doesn't mean they're right. Remember, they're speaking from their perspective. So, instead of feeling like you're lacking for whatever reason, try to look into the emotions behind their comment. Perhaps, they're feeling nostalgic for a particular dish and don't want it changed. Or maybe, they're impressing their own feelings upon you, such as a fear of growing old alone. Once you do this, it helps alleviate any feelings of inadequacy you may have had because, let's be real, that's what criticism tends to do. And remember, you can always respond to criticism with "thank you. I'll take that into consideration." This allows the individual to feel heard, and you can do with the information what you will.

  • Watch negative self-talk - This is another thing Sensitive Women should always look out for, but it is especially true during the holidays. DO NOT BE YOUR OWN WORST CRITIC! I MEAN IT!!! Avoid talking about yourself, either internally or out loud, in a manner that is belittling and disempowering. No one expects you to be perfect, so don't expect it yourself. You are a beautiful, strong, and magical being. We all are. We just forget it. Don't. If you hear yourself doing this, stop, hit the reset button, and change the message. Words are spells. Thoughts are energy. Make yours positive, especially about yourself!

  • Avoid "Do It All" Syndrome - Do not overbook your time. Be realistic. Pare things down to the most important items to complete. (Self-care is an important item. Don't delete it!) Delegate tasks to others. Sensitive Women tend to try to do everything themselves. Again, don't. You are not an island. Support and community are necessary to a happy and healthy life. Utilize your resources.

I hope you find these tips useful as you move through this holiday season and beyond. Stay strong. Protect your energy. See others through the eyes of compassion and love. And here's hoping you have a wonderful and somewhat sane holiday season.

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