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I rocked my life when I embraced my gifts and you can too...


For years I hid my sensitivities and gifts because they were considered odd and made others uncomfortable. I went through life wearing a mask, ignoring my own wants and needs - being who others wanted me to be. And I struggled, boy did I struggle, with obstacle after obstacle. Always seeming to manifest people and experiences that left me feeling unfulfilled, depressed, and defeated, even when I was financially successful. Then I had a series of experiences that blew the doors off the broom closet! My gifts flooded out, but instead of hiding them again, I embraced my unique magic and, woo boy, did things change! Suddenly I was attracting people and experiences that were in line with my heart and soul. I struggled less. My stress went down, and my happiness and self-confidence went up. Way up!!! Now I know those previous obstacles were just Spirit's way of trying to get me back on the path I was created to travel. I'm rocking a soul-driven life and it's amazing!!!


What about you? Are you ready to...

  • Feel whole instead of like a piece of you is missing

  • Enjoy comfort and confidence in who you are

  • Be in flow with Spirit

  • Attract the people and experiences your soul desires

  • Move easily through life rather than encountering obstacles

  • Reduce stress and feel more at peace



It's time to conjure your soul-driven life! It's time for you to become a

Soul-Driven Sorceress!  

Sign up below for my Discovering You journal with prompts. Consider it a deep dive into who you are at a soul level and how your experiences have influenced you.

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About Me

I'm Pam Cardaro and I'm a Sensitive Woman, Optimism Oracle and Soul-Bridging Sorceress.




"I absolutely love the Discovering You journal. It seems as if I just needed a prompt to open me up."

Jessica Blair