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I rocked my life when I embraced my gifts and you can too...


Most of my life I listened to the opinions of others on, well, just about everything. How to act. How to dress. What to do. Oh, I didn't start out that way. But, slowly, as the years went by, my life became more influenced by others and I didn't even realize it.

It took a series of unfortunate events to open my eyes. But, I'm so glad they did because my life feels totally different now and in the best way. Who knew being yourself was one of the key components to being happy and leading a satisfying life? I didn't back then, but I sure do now.

So, I'm taking what I've learned and I'm bringing it to you because I want other women to feel happy and satisfied with their lives too. I call the process Mini Movement Magic because it's designed to incrementally move you forward towards creating a life led from your soul.

If you want...

  • A deeper understanding of who you are at a soul level

  • More confidence to show up authentically and pursue your dreams

  • Actionable steps you can use to reduce stress and increase happiness

  • The knowledge that you can have a soul-driven life where you feel whole, empowered, and at peace. 


Well then, I'm your gal. My unique magic lies in the 3 Ps: helping you to uncover your Potential, discover the Possibilities, and see things from a different Perspective. Let me introduce you to your inner sorceress. It starts by Discovering You. Grab the journal prompts and start exploring. Click the image below to get started today.

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About Me

I'm Pam Cardaro and I'm a Sensitive Woman, Optimism Oracle and Soul-Driven Sorceress. I believe you can accomplish anything if...




"I absolutely love the Discovering You journal. It seems as if I just needed a prompt to open me up."

Jessica Blair
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