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Mini Movement Magic

Mini Movement Magic Membership Offerings

Lost? Frustrated? Feel like something is missing from your life? 

It's time to unleash your inner sorceress!

There are a lot of things that can get in the way of having a life where you feel whole, empowered, and at peace. Difficult circumstances. The wrong people. A job you hate. You get the picture.

These kinds of things can leave you feeling lost, stuck, powerless. But, there is hope. You have a guide who knows exactly who you are, what will satisfy you, and what you need to do. That guide is your inner sorceress and she's just waiting for you to rediscover her so you can shift your perspective, unlock your potential, and start creating new possibilities. 

Mini Movement Magic is for you if...

  • You feel a little lost. You've been so wrapped up in other people's worlds, you've lost track of your own desires.

  • You feel like something is missing. You know there's something more out there but your not sure what, let alone how to get it.

  • Circumstances in your life have left you feeling disgruntled and dissatisfied.

  • You're convinced that you are incapable of having a life that you love and tell yourself you just have to deal with what you have.

You've been cut you off from your inner sorceress. This leaves you out of alignment with Universe and the person you were designed to be.


In contrast, your inner sorceress knows...

  • Exactly who you are at a soul-level and confidently radiates that out into the world

  • The things that you find immensely satisfying and she isn't afraid to go after them

  • Your emotions are yours to control and  you can change them at any time

  • You are a powerful creatrix capable of manifesting what you desire in your life

  • Others may attempt to sway you from your path, but having strong boundaries and following your intuition will keep you aligned

When you unleash your inner sorceress, you tap into your unique Universal design and the results are pure magic!

Mini Movement Magic Membership

Mini Movement Magic consists of short courses (Mini) that help you grow (Movement), so you can confidently begin creating (Magic) a life you find satisfying. The courses are broken into three groups called Cauldrons.

  • The Wholeness Cauldron - contains courses designed to reconnect you with yourself at a soul level

  • The Empowerment Cauldron - contains courses to help you crack limiting beliefs and build self-confidence

  • The Peace Cauldron - contains courses designed to reduce stress, increase happiness, and otherwise help you feel good

What's different about Mini Movement Magic, or MMM, is it's designed to allow you to pick and choose what you want to work on. There is no set process you have to follow. YOU get to choose what cauldron you want to work in and what spells (courses) you want to explore. Stick with one cauldron or pick from all three. It's totally up to YOU! You get to design your own set of spells to becoming a Soul-Driven Sorceress.

And you even get more options. You see, you can access MMM in two different ways...



Get the whole shebang! Access to all the courses plus monthly coaching, an exclusive community, and other bonuses for $35/mo




Pick and choose only the courses you want or need, and leave the rest. Individual courses start at $15 and go up from there.

Here's what people are saying...


Pam has made me realize that I wasn't leading a soul driven life and I've, slowly but surely, been practicing her teachings. I am able to focus on our life more and manage my dad's life in a much more effective and positive manner.


... I love this and all of the wisdom you are giving. I love your positivity and your outlook. Myself, and probably many other people, need to follow your lead with this same exercise and mindset.


It seems as if I just needed some prompts to open me up.

(re: the Discovering You journal)


Why should you listen to me?

Because one of my talents is the 3 Ps: shifting your perspective to uncover your potential and create new possibilities. 

(I'm not here to help you find a perfect life. I'm here to help you find yourself, so you can create a life that's perfect for you.)

Plus, I've been there. I've struggled. I've been dealt blows that left my life in splinters and had to rebuild it from scratch. It was damn hard work and I fumbled more than once. You see, I had given up a lot of my authenticity to please my first husband. When he died, I was lost. Then I lost my job, and another one, and then a third. I felt so defeated. My confidence was in the toilet and I was afraid to try again.


I eventually did, and the people I worked with were great, but when I lost the house, I thought my life was over. It was a steep tumble from being a wife, mother, and 6-figure business woman to being broke, unemployed, and homeless. The only thing I had left was my faith and optimism that this too would pass. So, I moved in with family and started figuring out my next steps.

It began with rediscovering who I was outside of my husband, and, like I said, it was a rude awakening. I had no clue how much I had let his opinions influence me in the name of love. But, as I started to explore it, I realized I had done that a lot in my life - with my husband, with my parents, with my siblings. There were so many pieces of me I had given up because they were too much, too embarrassing, not appropriate. You get the idea. In fact, maybe you can relate. And so, I started to take back those pieces.


One of the first things I did was throw out every polo shirt I owned. That was my husband's ideal outfit, not mine. My wardrobe, when we met, was much more eclectic, as were most of my tastes, and I began rediscovering them. I just started wearing things I loved and doing things that lit me up. I put my heart and intuition in the driver's seat, and let my authenticity fly. I decided it was okay to be who I was and do things I enjoyed, and I wasn't going to let anyone dissuade me. And, that's when I started realizing that leading a life from your soul makes a huge difference!

Suddenly, I encountered fewer struggles, and had less stress. The things I did brought me more satisfaction. At first, I feared alienating people by being more authentic (and I lost some) but, I ended up drawing in people, who were much more aligned. I started rocking my inner (& outer) sorceress and life has been so much sweeter!!

And you can too!


Who you are at a soul-level including your unique gifts and talents


How your authenticity gets buried and how you can find it again

Read More >


The effects of not living from your soul and ways you can mitigate them


With your inner sorceress to increase your confidence and satisfaction

Take action

To realign with your soul, so you can feel whole, empowered, and at peace

Have questions? Check out these FAQs first...

What if I'm not witchy or don't want to be a sorceress? If you're here, something resonated with you. You don't have to be witchy, just know that's how I phrase things. Nor do you have to be a sorceress. Don't like that word? Pick another one. Something that resonates with you as a strong, empowered, creative female. Goddess, Queen, Wonder Woman are just a few examples. You do you, boo. I don't care what you call yourself, I just want to see you being large and in charge!


What if I don't believe in magic? Well, I'd say that's a shame. There is magic all around us. We live in a world made up of tiny particles held together by energy that create solid matter. But, the greatest magic is actually inside of you. Learn about it by taking the Uncovering Your Unique Magic course. It's only a $15 investment. If you still don't believe after that, then I wish you well. You probably are not a good candidate for this program. No hard feelings. Here, you get to do you.


When can I get access? Access is immediate. You just need to create a login.

Can I cancel my membership? Memberships can be canceled at any time. However, I am unable to refund retroactively, so if you've already paid for the month when you cancel, you should be aware of that.

What about refunds? There are no refunds on purchased courses.

Can I upgrade from courses only to a membership? Absolutely! I won't be able to refund what you've already spent, but you'll get all the new courses for the price of the membership. You can also go from the membership to just buying courses, if you'd like, although you'll lose access to all the wonderful add-ons, such as monthly personalized coaching and an exclusive members-only community.

Do I need any special equipment to access the courses or membership? Not really. All of the courses are housed on my website. You just need to create a login and they will show up in your designated portal. The members-only community is also housed on the website. No having to join a Facebook group. The only add-on is Voxer, if you want to take advantage of the monthly coaching. This is an app that can be added to your phone and it's free.

FAQs didn't answer your question? Send me an email at and I'll answer it personally.

Pick the option that works best for you.

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