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Mini Movement Magic


Unleash your inner sorceress and feel more whole, empowered, and at peace with yourself, your relationships, and your life. 

Who is your inner sorceress?

She's the amazing, kickass, magical soul inside you! She owns her gifts and recognizes her value. She isn't afraid to take charge of her life and go after what she wants. And, she is just waiting to be released!

Unfortunately, she has been boxed in, penned up, and muzzled by limiting beliefs, societal pressures, and other people's expectations. It's the same for all women. We have been taught, shamed, and manipulated into to taming this wonderfully wild creature inside us.

But, it's time to let her out!

If you're ready, I can help. Mini Movement Magic is designed to reconnect you with your own unique inner sorceress. Here you will shift your perspective, unlock your potential, and create new possibilities for a life that feels richer, more aligned, and infinitely more satisfying. 

Mini Movement Magic is for you if...

  • Feeling more connected with who you are at a soul level makes your heart sing

  • Having more passion in your life feels juicy and delightful

  • You want to feel confident in your own skin and rock your authenticity

  • You're not sure what your gifts are, but you're eager to discover them

  • You're ready to jump off the hamster wheel and take charge of your life

  • You're tired of the status quo and you're ready to embrace more of what life has to offer

  • Feeling more whole, empowered, and at peace sounds absolutely amazing

Mini Movement Magic Membership

Mini Movement Magic consists of short courses (Mini) that help you grow (Movement), so you can confidently begin creating (Magic) a life you find satisfying. The courses are broken into three groups called Cauldrons.

  • The Wholeness Cauldron - contains courses designed to reconnect you with yourself at a soul level

  • The Empowerment Cauldron - contains courses to help you crack limiting beliefs and build self-confidence

  • The Peace Cauldron - contains courses designed to reduce stress, increase happiness, and otherwise help you feel good

What's different about Mini Movement Magic, or MMM, is it's designed to allow you to pick and choose what you want to work on. There is no set process you have to follow. YOU get to choose what cauldron you want to work in and what spells (courses) you want to explore. Stick with one cauldron or pick from all three. It's totally up to YOU! You get to design your own set of spells to becoming a Soul-Driven Sorceress.

You can even just buy individuals workbooks, journals, and worksheets and skip the courses completely, if you want. The courses are usually the same price and come with bonuses, but, you do you, boo.

And you even get more options. You see, you can access MMM in two different ways...



Get the whole shebang! Access to all the courses plus monthly coaching, an exclusive community, and other bonuses for $35/mo




Pick and choose only the courses you want or need, and leave the rest. Individual courses start at $15 and go up from there.

Here's what people are saying...


Pam has made me realize that I wasn't leading a soul driven life and I've, slowly but surely, been practicing her teachings. I am able to focus on our life more and manage my dad's life in a much more effective and positive manner.


... I love this and all of the wisdom you are giving. I love your positivity and your outlook. Myself, and probably many other people, need to follow your lead with this same exercise and mindset.


It seems as if I just needed some prompts to open me up.

(re: the Discovering You journal)


Why should you listen to me?

Because one of my talents is the 3 Ps: shifting your perspective to uncover your potential and create new possibilities. 

(I'm not here to help you find a perfect life. I'm here to help you find yourself, so you can create a life that's perfect for you.)

Plus, I've been there. For years, I went through life feeling like something was missing. I had all of the things one attributes to success - a husband, a family, a job that paid well. But, I still had this nagging sense of dissatisfaction.


It wasn't until my life imploded that I figured out what it was. You see, when everything you know is ripped out from under you, you have no one to rely on but yourself. I had to start completely over and as I did, I began to recognize just how much of myself I had been compromising over the years.


One of the first things I did was throw out every polo shirt I owned. That was my husband's ideal outfit, not mine. My wardrobe, when we met, was much more eclectic, as were most of my tastes, but I allowed them to get buried to make him happy. And, ended up sacrificing my true self!

So, I began rediscovering who I was. I just started wearing things I loved and doing things that lit me up. I put my heart and intuition in the driver's seat, and let my authenticity fly. I decided it was okay to be who I was and do things I enjoyed, and I wasn't going to let anyone dissuade me. And, that's when I started realizing that leading a life from your soul makes a huge difference!

Suddenly, I encountered fewer struggles, and had less stress. The things I did brought me more satisfaction. At first, I feared alienating people by being more authentic (and I lost some) but, I ended up drawing in people, who were much more aligned. I started rocking my inner (& outer) sorceress and life has been so much sweeter!!

And you can too!


Who you are at a soul-level including your unique gifts and talents


How your authenticity gets buried and how you can find it again


The effects of not living from your soul and ways you can mitigate them


With your inner sorceress to increase your confidence and satisfaction

Take action

To realign with your soul, so you can feel whole, empowered, and at peace

Have questions? Check out these FAQs first...

What if I'm not witchy or don't want to be a sorceress? If you're here, something resonated with you. You don't have to be witchy, just know that's how I phrase things. Nor do you have to be a sorceress. Don't like that word? Pick another one. Something that resonates with you as a strong, empowered, creative female. Goddess, Queen, Wonder Woman are just a few examples. You do you, boo. I don't care what you call yourself, I just want to see you being large and in charge!


What if I don't believe in magic? Well, I'd say that's a shame. There is magic all around us. We live in a world made up of tiny particles held together by energy that create solid matter. But, the greatest magic is actually inside of you. Learn about it by taking the Uncovering Your Unique Magic course. It's only a $15 investment. If you still don't believe after that, then I wish you well. You probably are not a good candidate for this program. No hard feelings. Here, you get to do you.

I've tried to improve my life before and got nowhere. What makes this program different? Well, first, I'm not just one of those life coaches who's been trained, but doesn't have any practical experience. I've actually been through all of these processes myself when I was starting over. So, I know they work. Secondly, I don't just utilize standard coaching practices when it comes to helping my Members succeed. I'll study your Human Design chart, use energetics and my intuition, and help you create actionable plans that will work for you and your life style. But, you have to be willing to put in the effort, because nothing changes until you can do the deep work around what's keeping you stuck. Don't worry though, I'll be with you all the way.


When can I get access? Access is immediate. You just need to create a login. This will take you to your unique portal where you will find the courses (and other source material) you're able to access. (Members will see all available courses.)

Can I cancel my membership? Memberships can be canceled at any time. However, I am unable to refund retroactively, so if you've already paid for the month when you cancel, you should be aware of that. 

What about refunds? There are no refunds on purchased courses.

Can I upgrade from courses only to a membership? Absolutely! I won't be able to refund what you've already spent, but you'll get all the new courses for the price of the membership. You can also go from the Membership to just buying courses, if you'd like, although you'll lose access to all the wonderful add-ons, such as monthly personalized coaching and an exclusive members-only community.

Do I need any special equipment to access the courses or membership? Not really. All of the courses are housed on my website. You just need to create a login and they will show up in your designated portal. The members-only community is also housed on the website. No having to join a Facebook group. The only add-on is Voxer, if you want to take advantage of the monthly coaching. This is an app that can be added to your phone and it's free.

FAQs didn't answer your question? Send me an email at and I'll answer it personally.

Pick the option that works best for you.

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