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Uncovering Your Unique Magic

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You are not like anyone else. You are unique. But, if you're like most women, you've learned to fit in rather than stand out. You've probably buried and forgotten that unique individual. You may not even recognize the incredible innate talents you were born with. It's time to start unleashing your inner sorceress by reconnecting with who you are at a soul level. This course is for you if... - You've forgotten your dreams and desires - You're not sure what your unique talents and innate gifts are - You've lost touch with the real you while you've been catering to everyone else This Mini Movement Magic course will help you discover the person you were born to be. You'll learn... - How your name and date of birth hold clues to your soul path and potential - What tools you can use to explore your unique talents - Where you can discover what makes you YOU Explore the tools and start to... - Shift your perspective from who you are to who you were destined to be - Unlock hidden talents that unleash your innate potential - Gain new insight into what feeds your soul, as well as, what stresses you out

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