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Ditch the Stress

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Stress happens. It's a fact of life. It's also one of the major causes of health-related issues, especially in women. This means you need to become adept at managing it if you want to lead a long, healthy, and happy life. This course is for you if... - Feeling overworked and out of sorts has become your new normal - Even minor problems set you off (this is a sign of stress overload) - You're using coping methods that don't support your health and well-being In this Mini Movement Magic course, you'll learn how to deal with stress when it occurs because you know it will... - Discover ways to cut stress off when it happens - Identify options unique to you to help you cope when things get chaotic - Create an actionable toolkit to use when you begin to feel stressed This course includes the following bonus content: - 5 Ways to Hop Off the Struggle Bus worksheet - My Go-Tos for Stress Reduction worksheet

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